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Farm Beginnings

Bring Your Farm Dreams to Life

Farm Beginnings® is a farmer-led, community based, business course for sustainable agriculture.

Congratulations to our 2024 graduates!

The 2024 Farm Beginnings Course has completed. The next course will begin in January 2025.

Fill out the interest form to be notified when applications open:

  • Enhanced Community Building We're committed to fostering stronger connections among participants and mentors. Expand your network by engaging with like-minded individuals who share your passion for sustainable farming.

  • Accelerated Timeline In 2024, we've condensed the course duration and focused the material in the early winter months. Classes will run from January 4 to March 28. You'll have more time to prepare for the upcoming growing season and make the most of your valuable winter months.

What's New for 2024

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Key Dates & Details

  • Online Classes: The heart of the program runs from January 4 to March 28. These interactive, weekly sessions will be held on Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm CST, via Zoom.

  • Registration: The registration window is open NOW through December 16.

  • Tuition: Tuition is $500 per farm, and family members or business partners from the same farm can attend together at this single tuition rate. Each team member is required to pay the $25 registration fee.

  • Scholarships and Payment Plans: Your financial situation should never be a barrier to your dreams. We offer scholarships and flexible payment plans to ensure that everyone has access to this incredible opportunity. No one will be turned away for financial reasons.

Farm Beginnings is more than a business course.

  • Classes are led by local farmers who understand that farming is not just a business, it’s a way of life.

  • We’ll help you craft a farm plan designed to achieve the quality of life that you and your family want.

  • You’ll be paired with a farmer mentor who understands the unique rewards and challenges of sustainable farming because they live them daily.

  • We’ll connect you with educational and financial resources in your community to help keep you growing.

Farm Beginnings is for anyone who wants to start or grow a sustainable agriculture-based business.

The course is ideal for those farm journey is:

  • Beginning (first 1-5 years)

  • At a Place of Transition

  • Ready to Scale Up

It’s a great opportunity to create a new farm plan or revise an existing plan. Many students say they get more out of the course after they’ve had a few years of farming experience. 

Farmers, ranchers, and food business owners of all sizes will benefit from the course. However, most of our presenters and examples will come from small-scale farms and ranches. The marketing portion of the course is primarily about direct marketing local food and ag products, such as through farmers markets and CSAs. We will not discuss commodities marketing.


Farm Beginnings Class 2019


Farm Beginnings Class 2018

Farm Beginnings is a certified borrower training program for the USDA Farm Service Agency. If you are applying for a USDA FSA loan, and have been told you need to take a financial management course, Farm Beginnings is a great choice. Farm Beginnings graduates also get one year interest-free on FARRMS microloans.

Who Is Farm Beginings For?

What Can I Expect In This Course?


We model sustainability by balancing environment, society, and economics. When we say “sustainable agriculture” we mean farms that sustain and regenerate healthy soil, air, and water, build the well-being of communities, and earn profit over the long term.

In the course, we’ll discuss your vision and values, financial and business planning, sustainable farming practices, marketing to connect with your customers, farm food safety, and much more.  Farm Beginnings not only provides education but equips you with the tools to launch and sustain a farm enterprise for years to come.​​

What Can I Expect In This Course?
  • Classes include guest speakers who are local farmers and ranchers and lots of time for questions and discussion. 

  • You will use the FARRMS Learning Portal to see your schedule and homework, submit assignments, and access our digital learning library. 

  • Each lesson will help you create a section of your Whole Farm Plan. This will be your road map for implementing your business and is helpful when applying for loans and grants. 

  • We will mail your textbook to you.  (Whole Farm Management from Start-Up to Sustainability, edited by Garry Stephenson, Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems, Oregon State University). 

  • You’ll be paired with an experienced Farmer Mentor who will share their own real-life farming experience. During scheduled Zoom Mentor sessions, you and your mentor will discuss the topics you’ve learned in class and you will get feedback on your Whole Farm Plan. 

  • Farm Beginnings students will also get significantly reduced registration for a local sustainable farming conference. 

Topics Covered in the Course

  • What is Sustainable Agriculture?

    • Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line

    • Local Food Systems and Food Sovereignty

    • Ag History 

    • Racial Inequity in Agriculture

    • Soil health 

    • Managing natural resources for healthy farm ecosystems

  • Mission, Vision, and Values

    • Finding your Why

    • Identifying your values 

    • Creating your Holistic Goal

  • Business and Financial Planning

    • Budgeting basics

    • Record keeping

    • Holistic Financial Planning

    • Legal Business Structures

    • Risk Management and Insurance

  • Building your Support Network

    • Defining Roles in your Team

    • Identifying your Resource Base

    • Finding Mentors and Peer Support

    • Local advisors: USDA FSA, USDA NRCS, local economic development centers

    • Financing your Farm Business

  • Marketing  

    • Telling Your Story

    • Who is Your Customer? Identifying market channels

    • Online marketing

    • Scaling up

  • Farm Food Safety

  • Organic Certification

Topics Covered in the Course
Registration & Scholarship Info

Application Form

Tell us about your interests and farming goals so that we can tailor the course content to your needs and find a mentor who is well-matched. If you have multiple members on your farm team, each team member should complete the form separately.

Enrollment Meeting

Once the application is completed, schedule a meeting with FARRMS Program Manager, Felicity. This will be an opportunity to talk through the course expectations, tuition and scholarship information, and finalize your registration.

Pay Tuition

Tuition is $500 per farm team. If you'd like to apply for a scholarship or payment plan, please indicate that on your application form.
We will provide the scholarship application and payment information upon receipt of your application. 

Registration and Scholarship Details

Pay $25 Registration Fee:

If you have any questions, please contact FARRMS Program Facilitator, Jake Callander at or (701) 412-2933

Meet Some Farm Beginnings Alumni

Female Barista

Jen Skoog

Family Roots Farm

Christine, ND

Jen believes good food starts with how it's grown. She markets meat, eggs, and produce at Red River Market and through Red River Harvest Coop. 

Female Barista

Lori Martin

Roving Donkey Farm

Bismarck, ND

Lori operates a family vegetable farm and CSA. She markets to restaurants and schools in Bismarck. 

Female Barista

Adam & Apryl Mawby

gardendwellers FARM and RANCH

Dunseith, ND

Adam and Apryl use regenerative practices to raise and market pastured lamb and chicken. They also market fresh and dried herbs. 

Female Barista

Ross and Amber Lockhart

Heart and Soil Farm

Grandin, ND

Ross and Amber grow a diversified mix of fruits and vegetables in the heart of the Red River Valley using sustainable, organic practices

Female Barista

Glen Philbrick

Hiddendale Farm

Turtle Lake, ND

Glen markets organic vegetable and flower seed and raises dairy cows. 

Female Barista

Simeon Bakunda

Fargo, ND

Simeon grows African greens (amaranth), sweet potatoes, and his own eggplant, at the New Roots Incubator farm in Moorhead, MN. 

Female Barista

Derek and Claire Lowstuter

Folly Hill Farm and Black Bison Organics

Bismarck, ND

Derek and Claire raise ducks and market duck eggs. They also market organic, plant-based fertilizer.

Female Barista

Stephanie Blumhagen

Meadowlark Granary

Bottineau, ND

Stephanie mills whole wheat flour and markets whole grain bread and baking mixes. 

Female Barista

Kathleen Johnson

Bizon Ridge Berries

Fargo, ND

Kathleen is part of the leadership team at Growing Together Community gardens and is passionate about growing berries and farm education. 

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