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Our mission is to enhance the sustainability of farms and ranches in their communities.



FARRMS empowers people to dream and realize those dreams

creating thriving, exciting, diverse, and sustainable communities.

We link people, good food, living farms and ranches, and the environment through hands-on educational experiences.

We model sustainability by balancing environment, society,

and economics through our programming.

Build a Sustainable Future


FARRMS, Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Resource Management and Sustainability was founded in 2000 to address specific educational needs of organic producers and processors and to promote sustainable rural development in the Medina community and beyond. 

The original concept behind the development of FARRMS came from International Certification Services, Inc. (ICS) and its organic certification program, Farm Verified Organic. ICS saw the need for a separate organization to provide education to about organic agriculture and other sustainable concepts.
FARRMS first major accomplishment was the construction of a new office building in Medina, North Dakota, in 2003. 

Since then ICS has grown, along with FARRMS. FARRMS has now moved to the Tuttle School in Tuttle ND. This building will serve as an educational center for local foods in North Dakota. 

With growing consumer awareness of and demand for organic and sustainable products, there are many opportunities for producers and entrepreneurs in North Dakota. FARRMS employs a multifaceted approach to developing sustainability on farms and in communities.

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