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North Dakota's sustainable farmers are the backbone of our local food system, and FARRMS is here to empower them! Through our print and online publications, engaging e-newsletters, and insightful farmer blog series, we create a vibrant community where these dedicated growers can access the tools, resources, and connections they need to thrive. But FARRMS isn't just about providing information – it's about giving a voice to the movement. We amplify the stories, ideas, and experiences of local food farmers, fostering a space for knowledge sharing and inspiration within the community.


Have a story or perspective you think others would benefit from? We'd love to hear it! Let's work together to cultivate a stronger, more connected local food system in North Dakota. Email

Producer's Perspective Blog Series 

Dive into the real stories behind local food production! Our Producer's Perspective Farmer Blog Series features a new article each month, exploring the world of sustainable farming through the eyes of those who know it best. From articles on agroecological practices to conference reflections and tales of raising animals, gain a unique perspective on local agriculture. Browse articles and meet the farmers! Read the FARRMS Blog.

Local Food News

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In the Media

Find the latest news about FARRMS, upcoming events, and exciting collaborations. Explore how we're partnering with farmers and organizations across North Dakota to cultivate a thriving local food system. Visit the Media page.

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