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Farmers Teaching Farmers for Stronger

Local Food Systems

Mentor a beginning farmer today!

Program Details

If you are an experienced farmer or rancher, who would like to share your successes, struggles and insights with new and beginning farmers, this program offers a financial incentive, conference scholarships, professional development, and the satisfaction of mentoring a beginning farmer or rancher.

Through this 12 month program, mentors will engage in monthly contact with their mentee for a total of 15 hours of communication. This includes one site visit to the mentees and mentors farm. 

Professional development for mentors will be available for mentors in the form of readings and workshops. 

2020 Application cycles: 

  • January 1st - December 31st

  • April 1st - March 31st

  • September 1st - August 31st

Apply one month prior to the start of the cycle that you're interested in joining. 


  • Connect: new and beginning farmers with experienced mentor farmers and build lasting peer relationships 

  • Teach: natural conservation principles, agricultural practices and farm business management. 

  • Build: Social and commercial networks


  • Stipends for time spent presenting to workshops and classes

  • Mileage and reimbursement of travel expenses

  • Scholarships and partial travel costs to attend regional sustainable agriculture conferences (especially the popular MOSES conference)

  • Professional development and leadership training


"I plan on staying in close contact with the agriculture community and working to try and improve the food system and access to clean, healthy food. I enjoy agricultural work because of the instant satisfaction it can supply in many tasks and look forward to continue growing both literally and figuratively."

FARRMS Intern, 2019

"Food is what unites us as human beings. This is a lens into how it is produced and enables you to learn skills and characteristics about yourself that you never knew existed." 

FARRMS Intern, 2019

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