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Empowering Farmers, Strengthening Local Food Systems 

With community at our core, those who participate in our programming are not just signing up for a course--they are joining a community where they will receive continued support, education, and resources from our staff, trusted farmers, and professionals.


Farm Dreams

A free online workshop designed to provide resources, connections, and perspective to empower students to take the first steps toward making their farm business dreams a reality.


Farm Beginnings

Immerse yourself in farmer-led, community-based sustainable agriculture education with our comprehensive Farm Beginnings course. Led by local farmers who recognize farming as more than just a business—it's a way of life—our classes offer invaluable insights and business planning tools.



Foster relationships and establish a supportive network! Through connecting individuals with shared passions in their local region, mentees gain a valuable insight by learning alongside experienced farmers throughout the growing season.


Workshops & Webinars

We provide free or low cost workshops & webinars on a variety of topics including; marketing your locally grown produce, managing soil health, the path to organic certification, finding loans and grants for your business, and more.



We offer loans to help you launch and grow your sustainable farm, ranch, or local food business. Our Loans Program provides low interest financing to those who may not be eligible for traditional financing.


Conference Support

Apply for a grant that helps cover registration and travel expenses for farming and local food conferences! Through our conference support program, we offer reimbursements of up to $400 to attend relevant agricultural conferences and workshops.

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