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We are the Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Resources Management and Sustainability (FARRMS). 

For the last 24 years, The Foundation for Agriculture and Rural Resources Management (FARRMS) has been growing a community of local food producers and empowering North Dakota farmers to create sustainable, profitable enterprises. We are re-envisioning a sustainable local food future for our state through educational programs, social connections, and financial support.



Helping Beginning Farmers Succeed

  • Classes and workshops

  • Internships

  • Farmer-led Education



Creating Networks for Peer Support

  • Field Days

  • Farmer Socials

  • Mentorship


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Building Local Food Systems

  • Donate

  • Get Involved

  • Receive Updates

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Whether you're embarking on your first gardening venture or you're a seasoned farmer with decades of experience, FARRMS is your dedicated partner in farming success and growth. Our work empowers individuals to dream big and bring those dreams to life, fostering vibrant, diverse, and sustainable communities. Through hands-on educational experiences, we forge connections between people, wholesome food, thriving farms, and the environment. We lead by example, demonstrating sustainability through actions grounded in appreciation and respect for the natural world, society, and ethical economics. Together, we're building a thriving local food system in North Dakota.

Active Sponsors & Community Partners
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