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Getting Local Food to Local People

Online Marketing for Farms and Food Businesses Part A

June 18, 2020 12:00pm – 1:00pm

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Have you thought about setting up a website or online store for your farm or food business, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! In this webinar, three local farm/food business owners will share their experience setting up websites, online shops, and using social media to reach their customers. Dane Johnson from The Nice Center at NDSU will facilitate the discussion and show you how to get free personalized assistance in digital marketing for your own farm or food business.

Do you have questions about online marketing? Submit your questions any time and we will answer them in the webinar. Complete the intake form at any time to request free one on one technical assistance for online marketing.

A Recording of the June 18 webinar will be available here after June 20, 2020.

Meet our Panelists

 Jazmine Schultz is fortunate to have built her life in Minot, North Dakota, with husband, Zach Schultz. Jazmine and Zach recently became partners in Prairie Sky Breads, a bakery in Minot, birthed out of Minot Farmers Market. Jazmine manages all front of house activities, (including the espresso counter) events and bakery marketing. She says, “What I love about the local food and ag community is the DIY spirit of its participants. Farmers Markets are 110% DIY- honoring the idea that there is value and a difference in food that is nurtured, created and made by real humans. Interestingly my work promoting homegrown artists over the past 15 years fits very well with the idea of promoting home grown and made goods!”

Prairie Sky.jpg

Find Prairie Sky Breads online:

on Facebook- @prairieskybreadsminot

on Instagram-@prairieskybreads

Bread Prairie Sky.jpg

By day I am a designer, by night and weekend I am a hot sauce sommelier pairing locally grown flavors to diverse customer pallets through direct sales & digital marketing. Two of my greatest passions are quite literally polar opposites. I own a farm-to-bottle hot sauce business that needs & thrives in the heat of summer but I love winter, spending most of it running endurance races in arctic conditions. I never knew the Red River Valley was so full of endurance athletes until I started working amongst other food producers and area farmers. The hours are long, our feet are tired, but I'm so proud of what this community is bringing to the table

OffTheDeck-Product - Rachel Utecht.JPG

Find Off The Deck Hot Sauce





Find gardendwellers FARM




Delivering high quality cooking herbs and fresh educational opportunities throughout North Dakota, we're proud to have been serving our customers with the best in fresh herbs since 2002.

gardendwellers FARM is North Dakota's largest herb farm. Owned and operated by Barry and Holly Mawby, we are located in north central North Dakota, only 23 miles from the geographic center of North America.

We sell only the highest quality fresh herbs during our growing season and freeze dried herbs and blends year round.  We offer over 16 varieties of herbs for your cooking pleasure.  We sell wholesale, retail and direct to consumers in quantities from one ounce to many pounds.  We'll come to you to offer courses, classes, and workshops, and of course guests at the farm are always welcome with advance notice. 

Holly Rose Mawby

gardendwellers FARM

The virtual workshops and free technical assistance are made possible with funding from North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NC-SARE) in partnership with North Dakota SARE and funding from North Dakota Farmers Market and Growers Association.

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Additional funding for marketing education is provided by USDA AMS Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant #AM190100XXXXG092

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