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Join Our Board of Directors


Do you want to be connected to a network of outstanding local food and farm producers?


Do you want to be involved with a food system that is growing in North Dakota?


Do you want to be part of the statewide network helping farmers and small business owners reach their goals?


Do you want to develop new ideas and insights from others for your own gardening or farming ambitions?

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We invite you to join us!

We encourage anyone to apply who is committed to our mission of growing sustainable agriculture and strengthening local food systems. We are especially looking for people with experience in



legal expertise

Board of Directors Overview

  • Term limits are 3 years.

  • The board meets 6x per year, every other month for two to three hours. Meetings are held on Zoom or in-person with the option to join on Zoom.

  • Board members help to shape the mission and vision of the organization and provide oversight on policy and finance.

  • We want you to help you be successful as a board member and find board membership fulfilling. We will offer board professional development, mentorship, and opportunities to connect personally with our mission such as farm field days.

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