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Gardendwellers Farm & Ranch

Souris, ND
Adam & Apryl Mawby

Being good stewards of the land is the foundation of Gardendwellers Farm & Ranch. We are located at the foothills of the beautiful Turtle Mountains, in Souris, North Dakota. We are a diverse small family farm that raises and sells lamb, chicken, freeze dried herbs and herbal tea, garlic, and natural herbal skin care products. We use our livestock, poultry, and gardening practices to improve the health of our land.

Our Katahdin hair sheep are rotationally grazed for the best soil, plant, and animal health. Our Freedom Ranger broiler chickens are raised in moveable “chicken tractor” pens that we pull to fresh ground daily, where they can forage on pasture. When soil is healthy, the plants and animals are also healthy, and in turn, produce delicious, nutrient dense food that you can feel great about feeding to your family!

We grow 30+ different kinds of herbs on the farm. Our culinary herbs and herbal teas are freeze dried, so you can enjoy the freshest flavor possible, year round! We do offer fresh herbs seasonally as well at the Bottineau Farmers Market. If you're a garlic lover, every August through fall we have delicious, large cloved, hardneck garlic for sale for culinary use and seed stock. In the winter and spring months, we are busy making herbal skin care products, including soap made with milk from our dairy animals, salves, and lip balms utilizing natural ingredients and farm grown botanicals.

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