Sustainable Ag Internships

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The Sustainable Ag Internship is for those with little to no farming experience and provides a hands-on introduction to the full range of activities on a sustainable farm. By the end of the season, interns will be familiar with sustainable farm production and marketing skills and local food systems.

The internship is a paid, on-farm learning experience. In addition to hands-on learning, interns attend weekly online classes, complete modules on sustainable agriculture and local food systems topics, visit nearby farms and farmers markets, and attend FARRMS Field Days.

Interns are paid hourly at $15/hour. Internships are up to 20 hours per week for up to 375 hours total. Interns and host farms will work out a schedule at the beginning of the season to ensure the internship doesn’t exceed 375 hours. Start and end dates are flexible and can be worked out with the host farm. Internships will start no earlier than May 10, 2021, and end no later than October 31, 2021.

Weekly classes will run from May 17, 2021, to August 23, 2021. This is to accommodate interns who must finish at the end of August to return to school. Weekly discussion groups will continue through the end of September.

Questions can be sent to or 701-867-2921 (leave a message and we’ll return your call.)

2021 Internship Host Farms

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Hiddendale Farm

Turtle Lake, ND

Hiddendale Farm is a family farm with both conventional and certified organic land. We run a cow calf operation and raise organic vegetable seed. We grow a wide variety of vegetables and flowers for seed production. There are always plenty of vegetables for eating as well. We take pride in producing and preserving our own food. We use some no till organic methods and our soil is rich in nutrients and organic matter.

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Absaraka, ND

NDSU has a 40-acre research farm with an arboretum surrounded by annual, perennial, and woody plant research plots. The High Value Crops project has vegetable and CBD hemp trials on the farm, small fruit research (blackberries, grapes, haskaps, juneberries, and black currants) and a large high tunnel. The HVC project also has land/greenhouse space on the main experimental station in Fargo for grape breeding activities and hydroponic research.

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Growing Together Community Gardens

Fargo, ND

Growing Together is a community garden organization. We actively manage six gardens. Each of these gardens meet 2-3 hours weekly. We also have a family garden for education of young children and their parents. In 2020 we started the World Orchard which consists of 20 fruit trees and will add a berry patch this year. Our market is open Tuesdays Aug- Sept. We also do outreach in the community helping others start gardens.

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DCB Farm

Bottineau, ND

DCB Farm is a demonstration vegetable farm on the campus of Dakota College at Bottineau. The farm includes three greenhouses, seven high tunnels and outdoor garden plots. We focus on sustainable methods that are similar to what small producers might use or try on their farms. We sell our produce to the campus dining service and also to the public. We have aquaponics and hydroponics operations in two of our greenhouses.

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Bear Creek Winery

South Fargo, ND

Founded as a family business in 2003, Bear Creek is one of the original wineries in the Red River Valley. In the beginning, we produced mainly fruit wines, but since 2010 we have been solely devoted to exploring cold climate grapes and their capacity to produce fine wine. The property is 42 acres and has 2000 grapevines, 2 ponds, an organic garden, a tasting room/event center, an apple orchard, and a 9 hole golf course.

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Doubting Thomas Farms

Moorhead, MN

Doubting Thomas Farm is a certified organic grain farm. We farm 1200 acres and also have a garden area, and fruit trees. We grow hay, corn, wheat, barley, buckwheat, barley and also produce added value products for market. We have started to malt grains and also have a USDA research project ongoing. We hold on-farm classes and are engaged in outreach.

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Stable Days

East Grand Forks, MN

Stable Days Youth Ranch provides youth mentoring, volunteer opportunities and agri-tourism. The ranch programs consist of animal care for the horses, sheep, donkeys, and chickens, land and water stewardship, and market gardening. Our Share Garden and lower garden are used as both an educational activity for the volunteers and youth we serve as well as market gardening production with our sales outlet being the Town Square Farmer's Market.

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Family Roots Farm

Christine, ND

At Family Roots Farm we believe that good food starts with how it’s grown. We keep in touch with our family roots by using heirloom plant varieties, processing food with farm-grown ingredients, and raising our animals with respect. We have 4 acres of produce for fresh market sale and preserves, beehives for raw honey, free ranging chickens, ducks, and guineas for eggs, and chickens, lambs, and pigs for meat.

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Rognerud Farms

East Grand Forks, MN

We have a market garden farm on two acres, in the style of Jean-Martin Fortier, but adapted for our needs. We rely on organic methods although we are not certified organic. We use mostly hand tools but do use some mechanical equipment. We grow a large variety of produce and sell through both a farmers market and our CSA program. We believe in whole farm planning and put emphasis on the importance of financial planning.

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Heart and Soil Farm

Gardner, ND

Heart and Soil Farm is a family-owned farm in the heart of the Red River Valley. We grow a diversified mix of vegetables using sustainable, organic practices. We believe healthy soil grows healthy plants and strive to improve soil fertility through time-honored cultural practices, such as green manures, compost and crop rotation. Our mission is to provide healthy, local foods to our community and teach the importance of good land stewardship.



"I plan on staying in close contact with the agriculture community and working to try and improve the food system and access to clean, healthy food. I enjoy agricultural work because of the instant satisfaction it can supply in many tasks and look forward to continue growing both literally and figuratively."

FARRMS Intern, 2019

"Food is what unites us as human beings. This is a lens into how it is produced and enables you to learn skills and characteristics about yourself that you never knew existed." 

FARRMS Intern, 2019