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Sustainable Ag Internships


Become a part of the next generation of sustainable farmers & local food leaders! 

Host Farmers
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Our Internship Program is currently on hiatus.

Check for updates!

This internship is for individuals that want to learn how our food is grown through sustainable agriculture practices. Interns are placed on local farms around North Dakota for a boots-on-the-ground, hands-in-the-soil learning experience. Interns learn what it takes to run a farm and meet farmers practising diverse and innovative types of agriculture. On-farm activities and weekly Zoom classes help to develop ag production skills as well as problem solving and adaptability. Interns gain confidence and leadership skills and go on to launch their own farms, become ag educators and lead local food initiatives. Most importantly interns grow new friendships and gain a lifelong love of local food and farms.


About the Internship Program

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  • Interns are paid at a rate of $15/hr for time spent on the farm, in class and doing classwork, and at field days. We reimburse mileage for travel for field days and farm visits.

  • Internships are up to 20 hrs per week, not to exceed 350 total hours during the season. 

  • Interns can start in early May and end in late October. 

  • Interns must be at least 15 years of age at the start of their internship. (There is no maximum age)


On Farm Learning

Interns will start the season by identifying your learning goals with your host farmer and participate in the daily activities on the farm. These activities may include, seeding, weeding, watering, caring for plants and livestock, harvesting, washing, packing & marketing, and even get a peek into business planning. 

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Weekly Classes


Students will also join the other interns in weekly Zoom classes that cover a variety of topics, offer class discussions, and guest speakers.

Some of these topics will include:

  • Local Food Systems

  • Plant Breeding & Seed Saving

  • Season Extension, High Tunnels, & Aquaponics

  • Marketing

  • Weeds & Pest Management

  • Indigenous Agriculture

  • Small Livestock

  • Beekeeping

  • Soil Health

  • Grape & Wine Production

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Independent Project

Interns in this program will also complete an independent project throughout the summer. This gives the students an opportunity to dive deeper into a topic that interests them. Examples of previous intern projects include mushroom cultivation, worm composting systems, and mulch systems.

Pictured at right: Gretchen Ivers designed and built a chicken tractor at Stable Days Youth Ranch in summer 2021. 


Farm Field Days

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FARRMS will organize monthly, in person, field days to farms around the state as an opportunity to meet new farmers and discover unique and innovative forms of agriculture.


View the video at left with highlights from our 2021 farm field days.

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Read what our intern alumni said about their experience...

Host Farmers
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Find a Host Farm Near You!

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Beagle Hill Organic Farm 

Minot, ND
Beagle Hill Organic Farm is a small organic farm growing 30 different crops, specializing in leafy greens, salad mixes and herbs. They strive to provide healthy produce of the highest quality for the local community utilizing no-till practices.

Exit 44 Flowers & More

Walcott, ND
Exit 44 Flowers & More aims to show that beautiful flowers and blooms can be locally grown in a responsible manner. This minimizes the carbon footprint of importing flowers from other countries. They have two acres of growing space with a mix of perennials and annuals and do not use any sprays that would harm pollinators. Exit 44 Flowers & More sells at local farmers markets and has a bouquet CSA where they deliver seasonal arrangements.

Forager Farm

Mandan, ND
Forager Farm is a diversified vegetable farm and microbakery. They have a forty-acre farm on the edge of Mandan where they grow certified organic vegetables & microgreens, have rotationally grazed dairy goats, and raise pastured laying hens.  They supply organic produce to the community by marketing to local restaurants, area grocery stores, selling at farmers market, and operating a CSA. In addition to the veggies, they bake and sell artisan sourdough bread and pre-baked pizza crusts at BisMarket and through their online store.

Gardendwellers Farm & Ranch

Bottineau, ND
Gardendwellers Farm & Ranch has a diverse operation where they raise grass fed Katahdin sheep for lamb, broiler chickens on pasture, herbs, and cut flowers. They add value to their herbs by freeze-drying and selling for culinary use, as well as using their herbs, along with milk from their livestock, in soaps and other personal care products. They sell their products direct-to-consumer. They also raise dairy goats, a dairy cow, laying hens, ducks, pigs, and vegetables.

North Star Farms

Carpio, ND
North Star Farms supplies the community with fresh, naturally grown garden produce. They have three acres of certified organic vegetable production, a commercial-size greenhouse, and high tunnel. They produce a range of fruits and vegetables with the most popular being garlic, onions, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers. They sell through North Prairie Farmers' Market and a CSA that usually sees about 30 shareholders between Minot and the Minot Air Force Base.

Family Roots Farm

Christine, ND
Family Roots Farm is a diversified farm that strongly believes good food starts with how it’s grown! By using heirloom plant varieties, processing food with farm-grown ingredients, and raising animals with respect, Family Roots Farm strives to provide healthy, local food for their community. Situated along the Red River, they have three acres of produce for fresh market sales and preserves, beehives for raw honey, free ranging chickens and ducks for eggs, and pasture-raised chickens, lambs, and pigs for meat.

Stable Days

East Grand Forks, MN
Stable Days Youth Ranch provides youth mentoring, volunteer opportunities and agri-tourism. The ranch programs consist of animal care for the horses, sheep, donkeys, and chickens, land and water stewardship, and market gardening. The Share Garden and lower garden provide educational opportunities for the volunteers and youth and market gardening production is sold at Town Square Farmer's Market.

Heart and Soil Farm

Grandin, ND
Heart and Soil Farm has been providing healthy, local foods to their community through the practice of good land stewardship since 2013. Farmers Amber and Ross grow a diversified mix of vegetables and supply eggs using time-honored cultural practices, such as composting, green manures, and crop rotation. Heart and Soil Farm is also a founding member and active participant in the Red River Harvest Cooperative, a producer-owned marketing cooperative.

Agassiz Shores Orchard & Vineyard

Wheatland, ND
Agassiz Shores is a 12-acre orchard and vineyard situated on the Campbell Beach of ancient Lake Agassiz. They are the most extensive diversified orchard and vineyard in ND, comprising of over 2,000 fruit trees and berry bushes along with 1,200 cold hardy grape vines. Their extensive range of crops includes apples, plums, pears, apricots, cherries, haskaps, red chokecherries, yellow chokecherries, sea berries, juneberries, aronia berries, hops, and grapes, and nuts.
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