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FARRMS Farm Beginnings Course
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FARRMS offers this exciting educational opportunity for the next generation of farmers.  This Land Stewardship sanctioned course is geared towards anyone currently farming or interested in farming with sustainable methods.  Classes are taught by experienced farmers and agricultural professionals. Successful participants receive a certificate of completion. (
Classes run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays from October through February, 2016. 

All eight sessions will be held in the classroom at FARRMS in Medina, 301 5th Avenue SE, and AVAILABLE ONLINE. For more information, please call 701-527-5169or email Visit for more information about FARRMS.

Whole Farm Planning
A farm is more than just inputs and outputs.  It is a way of life that involves every aspect of your life.  Holistic Management Trainer and farmer Joshua Dukart introduces us to the concept of Whole Farm Planning and guides us in the development of our own farm plans. Oct. 10.

Good Stewardship is Good Business
Experienced farmers  and conservation specialists will share knowledge on sustainable management resources including soil, opportunities and people. Oct. 25.

Holistic Financial Planning
Learn how the whole picture comes into play when planning your finances. Good financial planning can be the key to your success. Guest speaker Joshua Dukart. Nov. 14.

Marketing & Profitability
Marketing specialists and successful farmer marketers will share their knowledge about different types of marketing. Dec. 5

Social Media, the Web and Your Farm
Social media can be an asset or detriment to your business. Learn how to manage social media, create an online marketplace and use it to market your farm without taking up all your time. Annie Carlson and Sue Balcom. Dec. 19.

Farm Food Safety
Everyone wants to know where their food comes from and whether it is cared for safely. How will FSMA’s new rules affect your farm enterprise. Learn about Good Ag Practices and record keeping from Keith Knudson, ECH. Jan. 9.

Record Keeping/Taxes/Loans
Business planning is what separates a business from a hobby.  This session will focus on the business of your farm business, including record keeping and taxes. Jan. 30.

Farm Plan Presentations    
The culmination of The Sustainable Farm Series is the presentation of your farm plan.  You may ask for critique or suggestions from the group.  Opportunities for the mentorship program and grants/loans will be discussed and the post-course evaluation will be completed. Feb. 13